In an article for next week's Droitwich Advertiser, Peter Luff pays tribute to Peter Walker and John Brackston, both of whom died recently


20 JULY 2010

A community is about people Ė and above all it is about the people who make the effort to do things for other people

Some people help their family or neighbours, others get involved in local organisations and some take part in civic life. It is these active citizens that make a place like Droitwich what it is. I enjoy helping them to overcome frustrating obstacles so that they can do the things they really want to do to help others. And celebrating their successes is one of the best bits of an MPís life.

But in recent weeks Droitwich has lost two people who did so much for the town over many years, both of whom I have known for a third of a century.

In June, Peter Walker died after a long battle with illness. Local obituaries tended to recall his role as MP for Worcester, but for most of his time in Parliament he was also MP for Droitwich, and his family home was at Deer Park, just beyond Chateau Impney.

Peter was inordinately fond of the town which he regarded as home, and although a boundary change robbed him of Droitwich in 1983, I know how much the place meant to him right to the end.

And then, more recently, we lost John Brackston whose service to the town over many decades was outstanding. Going back to the days when Droitwich enjoyed its own borough status, John was a councillor and outstanding mayor. In every sense John Brackston was part of the fabric of our town.

A committed Conservative, actively engaged in the affairs of my Party, he was also a servant of the whole town in a range of voluntary bodies including the Rotary Club and the Droitwich Preservation Trust among others.

Peter and John were, of course, friends. It is a sad irony that their deaths both took place within a few weeks of each other at St Richardís Hospice. Our hearts go out to their widows, Tessa and Jean. Droitwich has lost two true friends and is the poorer for it.


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