Evesham Observer Article

Last week I had great pleasure in meeting thirty members of the Polish Community Association in Evesham at the House of Commons.

I met up with the group after their tour so that they could ask me questions about my life as an MP and quiz me about parliament itself. I was very impressed by the hard working ethic of the group and their desire to provide a better standard of living for their children. I was moved by their obvious affection for the UK. It was also impressive to hear them describe the UK as a safe place in which to live.

I was struck by their interest in the British constitution and democracy and their desire to understand the political system in the UK. The children who came with their parents certainly put me through my paces asking all sorts of questions about the House of Commons, including asking how much all of the carpets cost!

It wasnít just an occasion for the Polish Community to quiz me but an opportunity for me to understand more about their life in Evesham. It was a real pleasure to talk to a group who were so pleasant and eager to learn.

The children who visited the House of Commons last week were too young to be interested in the tuition fee proposals that the MPs were to vote on; however, I have had many other Evesham students write to me expressing their concerns.

It is important to understand the facts; students wonít start paying back their loans until they earn £21,000 and if they havenít paid them back after 30 years all of the debt will be wiped. No one pays up front. Parents donít pay and students donít start paying back until after they graduate. Everyone will pay back less per month than they do now, and the bottom 20 per cent of earners will pay back less in total. I strongly believe that generations of young people may yet respect our decisions.

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