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The new year has seen my postbag - or more accurately, my email inbox - busier than ever. I thought it may interest you to get a flavour of my approach to some of the more popular questions from my constituents.
Rupert Murdoch’s bid for BSkyB has proved to be a controversial issue in Worcestershire. The takeover was referred to the regulator, Ofcom, for advice.  The European Commission also investigated it and concluded that the sale would not  have a significant effect .  Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt is now reviewing Ofcom’s report. I guarantee, after the fuss over Vincent Cable's remarks, he will be strictly impartial.
The power of celebrity chefs has been brought home to me by the flood of letters after Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall launched his Fish Fight campaign. I am delighted at the strong support he is receiving.  I share the sense of outrage at what is being done and I am pleased that the Government is introducing a new planning and licensing system which will help the management of marine activities. The UK will also press for radical reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. 
You will not be surprised that the row over bankers’ bonuses continues, so I'm pleased to be able to reassure my constituents that the government is currently in discussion with the banks over a new settlement that would ensure that the banks pay smaller bonuses.  As it is, our stringent code of practice includes a limit on the amount payable in upfront cash. 

This is only a snapshot of three of the biggest issues out of the scores people are writing to me about right now, but I hope it helps you understand the range of things MPs must deal with.

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