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As I write this article David Cameron has just finished delivering a speech on the Big Society. Everyone is talking about it, and it struck me that whilst Iíve touched on the importance of it in my articles before I havenít really gone into great depth about what the Big Society actually is.

What the Big Society is all about is giving people more power and control to improve their lives and communities. In the past few months many of my constituents have approached me asking me what it is that they can do to contribute towards the Big Society. Iíve been very encouraged by the enthusiasm to help their communities. Essentially it is about changing the planning system, giving communities more control over schools, empowering GPs, providing opportunities for volunteering, encouraging people to become social entrepreneurs, and relying on the generosity of local people.

On our doorstep we have excellent examples of the community pulling together. When the Brine Baths closed local people set up the action group ĎSave Our Brine Bathsí (SOBBS) and with their unfailing enthusiasm and tireless approach it is looking more likely than ever that the baths might be opened once more. We mustnít forget how the community pulled together in support of the lido, now once again a flourishing and popular place to go to; or the way in which youngsters and youth workers campaigned for the Spa Youth Centre and were so determined to make it into a huge success.

In the last government people were told what to do. Now we want to give back the Big Society. It is a chance for you to think about what you want and to come forward with your ideas.


Itís important for MPs to work closely with the local authorities and itís equally important for an MP not to tread on their toes Ė after all, they are the local people elected to do these important jobs.


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