Droitwich Advertiser Article

People often ask me to get involved with issues that are decided locally Ė especially by councils. So itís really important for me to have a close relationship with the town, parish, district and county councils.
For example, there is, understandably, a lot of concern in Droitwich about illegal gypsy and traveller sites Ė but this issue involves all the local councils, the police and central government. I canít sort it out on my own! Thatís why I had a meeting recently with Wychavon district council to discuss the issue. The new Localism Bill will make some things clearer, but we also need changes to the national planning policy statements which are due later this year. Wychavon has done a first rate job on influencing government policy in this area, and the county councilís gypsy service manager, Patricia Weale, provides outstanding advice on this complex issue.

Another issue where local councils are really important is planning. Iíve been talking to the town council and neighbouring parish councils about the huge housing development proposals for the Droitwich area, such as the one at Yew Tree Hill, that have rightly been causing so much concern amongst my constituents. I am meeting with the Salwarpe and Martin Hussingtree parish council in a couple of weeks to discuss the proposals for Copcut. With the abolition of the South Worcestershire Joint Core Strategy and the development of the new South Worcestershire Development Plan local people will have more say in where they want the developments to go- but in the meantime we have to fight inappropriate developments vigorously.

Itís important for MPs to work closely with the local authorities and itís equally important for an MP not to tread on their toes Ė after all, they are the local people elected to do these important jobs.


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