It is right that at Christmas we think of a group of hard working, devoted, patient and reliable people who we should never take for granted – carers, voluntary and professional.
Many recent reports of poor standards are alarming for everyone responsible for those who are in need of tender, loving care in their home. Sons, daughters, husbands and wives read damning reports with revulsion and fright. It is most people’s worst nightmare – to be helpless and at others’ mercy, only to find the trust you must put in them is betrayed.

We need safeguards to tackle the worrying incidents that have been so widely reported occurring again. I will support any practical reform which does this. But it is equally important to recognise the dedication of most carers. The bad incidents must not be allowed to smear everyone else in this hugely demanding and tiring job.

For example, I received a letter this week from a constituent in Evesham praising the “exemplary service” of a Worcestershire company, Mayfair Care Agency.

Having described his wife’s distressing condition, he said,

“The care she has received is first class….. I feel this company should receive some recognition for the good service they provide.”

To this local business I say thank you – as I do to all the carers, paid and unpaid, who look after the vulnerable. You work so hard in often very difficult and demanding situations. You are appreciated and valued.

The year has certainly sped by, but it’s ended well for Evesham. The Cotswold line is redoubled, services are getting more reliable and now we are promised new trains too. The Regal Cinema is approaching its reopening. The funding has been found to replace Abbey Bridge and Viaduct. And Evesham United Football Club will be able to build its access off the by-pass and start using its wonderful new facilities. It’s been a privilege to be involved in one way or another in all these campaigns.

A very Happy Christmas to you all.


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