People write to me about lots of things, but there are still many subjects that my constituents hardly ever write to me about. This week there will be votes in the Commons on one of them – time.
I have had a small flurry of letters recently on Rebecca Harris’s Daylight Savings Bill, which was first debated in December 2010 and is scheduled to return to the Commons on January 20th. So now I have to work out what is best for local people without knowing what most of you think!

The Bill requires the Government to conduct a cross-departmental analysis of the potential costs and benefits of advancing the UK’s time by one hour for all or part of each year. If that analysis concluded that the move would be good for the UK as a whole, it would trigger a three-year trial.

Changes to Daylight Saving Time could be bad for some groups and some areas of the country. One Droitwich resident expressed concern that “lighter later” evenings could be bad for the Blackpool illuminations, for example.

However, I think Ministers should look at the potential economic and social benefits of any change. Lower road deaths, reduced carbon emissions and improved health have all been argued over the years as possible benefits. If there is strong evidence to support such claims then I think we should at least see what the possible benefits are.

We must not rush into this because it is an issue that affects everyone across the United Kingdom. Changes to Daylight Savings Time can only be made if there is agreement from the devolved administrations. That is why amendments have been tabled to the current Bill to make sure it addresses these concerns.

If it comes to a vote, I intend to support those amendments and, if it is amended, the Bill itself. Do you agree?


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