I know that The Times campaign on cycling has touched a nerve in Droitwich.
Thatís because many of you have already been in touch with me to ask me to support it. Many of those letters and emails share your experiences of cycling in Worcestershire. I hope to be able to take some of you up on your offer to don cycling helmets and take a cycle ride to see what cyclists have to experience.

The government has shown a clear commitment to cycling and is promoting a number of innovative measures to improve cycle safety. After a successful trial in London, councils across the country can now apply to use Trixi mirrors, which are mirrors added to traffic lights to make cyclists more visible to drivers. Councils have also been provided with the tools they need to improve safety on their roads, for instance cycle lanes and 20 mph zones. To help reduce accidents caused by poor visibility and improve the standards for all the heavy goods vehicles that use British roads, there are also important discussions at the European level.

While most cyclists are sensible there are many that behave recklessly, for example by weaving in and out of traffic or cycling in the middle road. Itís important that these cyclists abide by the Highway Code and do not put themselves or other road users at risk. Thatís why Iím pleased that the Government has pledged £11 million for ĎBikeabilityí training in order to help a new generation of cyclists gain the skills and knowledge they need to cycle safely.

I hope that as the weather begins to improve and the evenings become lighter that more of you will able to enjoy cycling in Worcestershire - maybe I will see you out on the roads.


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