In my work as an MP it is my great good fortune to meet many voluntary and charitable organisations whose supporters and staff do often remarkable things to tackle the problems of our society.
Local organisations that have really impressed me include Youth Support Services at Elmley Lovett, just outside Droitwich. In their own words,

“YSS is a leading independent charity that aims to work with children, young people, young adults and families at risk of social exclusion.

“YSS has often been described as being the ‘glue’ between young people and mainstream society; ensuring young people have increased opportunities to lead positive and constructive lives. In order to do this we have developed an innovative range of partnerships and projects with the voluntary, private and statutory sectors.”

Then there’s the Care farm initiative. Worcestershire is blessed with a significant number of Care Farms who use farming and growing to mend broken people. As one website says,
“Care farms have the dual benefit of developing existing businesses and also providing a positive lifestyle for individuals traditionally excluded from society. These working farms help a variety of individuals including those with special needs, people recovering from substance misuse, experiencing mental health problems and the long-term unemployed.
“Care farms provide a practical combination of meaningful work, a supportive daily structure and connection with other people in a natural and healthy environment.”
Last week I spent time with a third wonderful group of people dedicated to turning round the lives of vulnerable and damaged families – the Worcestershire Family Intervention Project, based in Droitwich but providing its services across the county. It was a real inspiration to meet some of the staff and sense their enthusiasm for their often challenging and demanding work. And it’s clear they often succeed, giving young people and their parents the chance to lead new lives.
We should be very grateful to those who give their time and energy to such important work.

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