I recently read a surprising, possibly unique letter in a local paper that really cheered me up. In this letter, the Chairmen of three local civic societies paid tribute to Wychavon District Council. I believe they were absolutely right to praise to the Council. To have these sentiments reflected by societies that cover the breadth of the district is a marvellous reflection on the work of the councillors and of Jack Hegarty and his staff.
My Mid Worcestershire constituents are very fortunate to live in an area that is served by this council which has brought much success to our towns and villages. Their tireless efforts made a major contribution to the reopening of the Droitwich canals in 2011, which has been a big boost to the town and an important milestone in its history. Wychavon also reopened the greatly improved Droitwich Lido, proving some of the more cynical voices wrong. The outdoor swimming pool is now enjoyed by families across the county. The restoration of the Regal cinema in Evesham and other regeneration projects in Port Street and in the Waterside area of Evesham also owe a lot to the Councilís hard work and imagination.

The council has also shown a consistently pragmatic approach to planning, most recently through the South Worcestershire Development Plan, protecting Wychavon's vibrant market towns and sustainable villages and ensuring the necessary construction of new houses and growth for the area.

Sadly the good work that is so often achieved by councils and other public organisations in our local communities across the country is regularly taken for granted at best. But if an innocent mistake is made, it is that story that is shouted from the rooftops and which receives the most attention. Those who work to serve the public seek to run and improve the services that are used by us all at some point; itís really important that we do not become unappreciative of what we have available to us.

So, I would like to make a public thank you to Andrew Class, Stuart Haywood and Colin Tether, Chairmen of the Pershore, Droitwich and Vale of Evesham Civic Society respectively. I know how much it means to me and my small team when we receive a letter of thanks for helping a constituent and I am sure Wychavon District Council are grateful for this very public and richly deserved recognition of their excellent work.


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