Over recent weeks we have seen European populations grow weary of austerity writes Peter Luff.

Most recently in France and in Greece we have seen the rejection of tough measures through the removal of old political leaders from office, in favour of new politicians who believe they can tackle their debt problems without reducing their budgets.

Many people in Droitwich continue to feel the effects of our country’s financial situation but I know that they also recognise the necessity of the Government’s measures. Amongst all the doom and gloom that we see reported on a daily basis, it is important to remind ourselves of the positive measures that the Government is introducing and the progress that has been made to encourage growth and support hardworking families.

This Government’s priorities from the outset have been clear: taking tough decisions in a fair way and creating growth in the private sector, including helping small and medium sized business flourish.

Two weeks ago, the Queen’s speech revealed that measures would be introduced to help reduce the burden of regulation for businesses and legislation would be removed in order to help save business time and money.

The Government will have also have taken two million people out of income tax by April 2013, through the increase in the personal tax allowance. This move will help families on the lowest incomes and be an added boost to the economy.

I know that while there are many thriving businesses in my constituency, the extra help given by the Government to small and medium sized businesses will be very welcome.

Since the General Election, the private sector has already created over half a million extra jobs but times are still very tough and we must remain positive about the Government’s strategy to get the UK economy growing again.

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