A day in Evesham

An MP''s life is based largely in London - we are elected to be your representative there. But our authority comes from our constituents and it's vital we stay in touch with your views. Most of the year we can only get out and about in our constituencies on Fridays, but the summer recess gave me the welcome opportunity to attend more local events and meet local people.

A good example is the day at the end of August that I spent in and around the Vale.

My first meeting of the day was with a local businessman. It was really valuable to get the opportunity to speak in depth to the owner of a small business whose business has gone from strength to strength, despite the economic climate and to hear the issues that were worrying him.

I then went on to a meeting with the Head of Planning at Wychavon District Council. Planning has been the topic that has filled my inbox and postbag recently, with letters from constituents who are concerned about various plans for development in their area.

My next stop was the Tax Justice Bus in Evesham Town, which as part of the Christian Aid campaign is touring the country to raise awareness about tax dodging form developing countries.

I then went on to an eco house at Cropthorne, which was designed and built from scratch by Mike Coe and Lizzie Stoodley. It is one of the most sustainable dwellings in the country. I was very impressed by the passion and dedication of both Mike and Lizzie who have created such an environmentally friendly house.

I greatly enjoy my days in the constituency and do value contact, for example, with all local businesses, voluntary organisations, schools and churches in my area. If you would welcome a visit from me please get in touch with my office on 01905 763952 to arrange a meeting.


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