Drotiwich Spa Amateur Boxing Club

The success of Team GB in the boxing at the London 2012 Olympic Games has raised the profile of boxing. Nicola Adams was the first female to ever win an Olympic boxing medal and the team secured the best medal total in the sport for over 100 years. The nation was gripped. So it's good news for Rio in 2016 that the Droitwich Spa Amateur Boxing Club has gone from strength to strength. A boxing medal for Droitwich must be on the cards!

All sports demand various types of discipline and commitment, and boxing is no exception to this. Boxing can help to give structure and purpose to the lives of young people, who might not normally have had this in their lives. That is why the Droitwich Spa Amateur Boxing Club plays such an important role in the local community.

Getting involved with the sport helps young people to channel their energy in a constructive way, while also teaching them respect for authority and providing them with a positive way to spend their time.

The club are now hoping to open a new gymnasium to support the increase in their membership and provide better facilities. Various fundraising events are taking place across the town in October such as a Dinner and Boxing event at the Chateau Impney Hotel. A ‘Buy a Brick’ Appeal has also been launched to give individuals the opportunity to contribute to the future success of this club. These various initiatives will allow the club to continue to grow and help to put it on a sustainable footing for the future, so it can continue to coach and train local people for years to come.

The Droitwich Boxing Club has a very positive influence in the community and I support the club enthusiastically. I hope that the club is able to continue to grow and perhaps produce that future Olympic medal winner.

For more information about the club’s fundraising events, contact 01905 772 855.

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