David Cameron Got It Spot On

Last week David Cameron gave his long awaited speech on Europe and it was spot on.
Too often in politics we are told there are only two sides to an argument. This is exactly what has happened over the question of Britainís relationship with the EU. We are presented with a stark but false choice - either to stay in and put up with everything or to leave the EU and lose much of our influence in the world.

If I was forced to choose one of these, itís true I would choose to remain in the EU. Thatís because the benefits from this relationship are vital to our economic and political future.

But thatís not the real choice, thank heavens. The Prime Minister made clear that our relationship with the EU can be adjusted and we can stay in.

In his speech, David Cameron said that the next Conservative Manifesto in 2015 will ask for a mandate from the British people for a Conservative Government to negotiate a new settlement with our European partners. Once this is negotiated, the British people will be given a simple choice through an in-out referendum.

This is the right approach. It allows Britain to sort out its relationship with the new EU that is emerging from the eurozone crisis, while protecting our interests in the Single Market.

David Cameron also made an important point about the role the EU has played in achieving the peace that we often take for granted. But the challenge for the EU now is to secure prosperity in this fast-changing world economy. David Cameron is right to make sure that Britain continues to play a leading role in. It will be good for the EU and good for our own country Ė including jobs here in Worcestershire.


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