My Campaign

Earlier this month in the House of Commons, I launched my campaign to inspire more young people to take up careers in engineering and technology, writes Peter Luff MP. If my campaign is successful I hope that the many small and medium size companies in Droitwich will see the benefits.

Skills shortage is a real problem in the UK. I have heard time and time again from companies that we simply don’t have enough qualified engineering graduates or apprentices to fill the job opportunities in this country. So, it is my aim to make sure that we inspire more young people to realise the great careers that are available in science, technology and engineering.

I recently met a pupil from Droitwich Spa High School whose design won the local round of ‘We Made It!’ (a competition to get children interested in design). I was delighted when he told me that he was interested in pursuing a career in engineering but I fear that many other young people just aren’t aware of the exciting options that are available to them in this sector.

My hope is to inspire young people across the country about the range of opportunities that are available to them, but I know in Droitwich in particular that a new generation interested in manufacturing industry would be very welcome. We have so many successful companies in this area but they will need more talented and skilled individuals to help them continue their success and grow with new ideas.

One aspect of my campaign is to set up better links between businesses and schools, so pupils can interact with professionals from the sector and get real experience of what it would be like to work in these companies. I hope that this is something companies in Droitwich would consider so they can play a part in inspiring potential future employees.


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