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People often think that there is no point in contacting their councillor or MP - they believe that nothing will change if they do. This is a myth as a recent visit by a constituent to one of my constituency surgeries proves.

She came to see me to express her concerns about the Governmentís proposed changes to the Design and Technology Curriculum. As a lecturer in teaching training at Worcester University, she drew my attention to real problems in the governmentís plans.

If we want young people to be inspired to take up careers in engineering and technology, this subject is the way to do it. So I shared her concerns that the proposed curriculum gave an absolute priority to teaching children to cook over teaching them about modern technology, about resistant materials, design, planning, prototyping and so on.

Thatís why I held a Commons debate on it.

This debate gave Liz Truss, the Minister from the Department of Education, an opportunity to listen to the case against her plans and to respond. And her response was very welcome indeed.

The Department for Education now recognise the changes that need to be made to their draft D&T Curriculum. I am confident that the Government will ensure that the new version on the curriculum will reflect the exciting reality of modern science, engineering and technology.

This well timed intervention from a constituent will make a real difference to the Governmentís policy. Because she drew my attention to the problems, I was able to raise awareness of the issue in the House of Commons and among other MPs - forcing the Government to do a rethink.

This shows the real difference that representations from one person can make. If you donít tell us, we wonít know and canít do anything about it!


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