The Energy Bill

The cost of living is a crucial issue for people across Worcestershire. With rising food and energy bills it is costing more and more to feed our families and heat our homes.

Although I know we are all hoping that the sun is here to stay, the long and cold winter meant that fuel bills were particularly high this year. The Government is doing what it can to help with these costs and that's why I was delighted to vote for the Energy Bill on Tuesday, which passed new provisions which could save households up to £158 on their utility bills.

Thanks to the Energy Bill, energy companies now must help people switch to the cheapest tariff to make sure that we all get the best deal for our gas and electricity.

One of the reasons that people often donít switch suppliers or tariffs is because of the complicated process involved and it can be very confusing to know whether you are on the best value for money tariff. That is why energy suppliers will now have to provide better information and fewer tariffs to make it easier for consumers to shop around for the best deals.

The information customers receive must also be clearer, readily available and easy to understand. The Government is also introducing the power to fine electricity suppliers if they do not treat their customers fairly.

Ofgem, the body that regulates the energy and gas markets in the UK, has said that these proposals will see the most radical shake up of the retail energy market in over a decade. All households will benefit from an energy market that is fairer, clearer and simpler.

The Bill also contains some important measures for the energy sector as a whole. With all the new gadgets that are now available it is hardly surprising to learn that demand for electricity is predicted to double by 2055. So, it is essential that we invest in our energy future now and reduce the amount of carbon we use. In this Bill around £110 billion of private sector investment will be unlocked in order to create and develop new energy technologies. Investing in this sector also has the potential to create 250,000 jobs around the country by 2020.

We must get our energy policy right now, so consumers are given a good price for their energy supply and so we as a country are prepared for the challenges future.


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