Lady Doreen Lawrence

Every week I receive hundreds of emails and letters from my constituents who want to share their views on a particular government policy writes Peter Luff MP.

It is my responsibility as the local Member of Parliament to respond to these, even if we don’t always see eye to eye politically. But, occasionally I receive emails containing very offensive views. Last week I received two emails like this including one from a local UKIP activist after it was announced that Doreen Lawrence was to become a Baroness, and have a seat in the House of Lords.

It is so disappointing that even in society today there are still people that hold racist and hateful views. It shows the little effort that some people go to in order to understand the truth about something.

Since her son, Stephen Lawrence, was murdered in 1993, Doreen Lawrence has fought tirelessly for justice for ethnic minorities. Her reaction to the appalling racist attack was to seek justice, but also to forgive and to work to make a better society. She sits on panels in the Home Office and the Police Service and is also on the board of the human rights charity, ‘Liberty’.

She has a huge amount of real world experience and wisdom. It is people with her expertise that we need in the House of Lords. I fully support her appointment to this chamber of Government.

If the two people that wrote to me in this intolerant way took the time to look at the work that Lady Lawrence has done, they would understand that her appointment is more than deserved.


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