Myths about Manufacturing

One of my real dislikes is the moan “We don’t make anything in this country anymore”, writes Peter Luff MP.

In reality, Worcestershire is teeming with small and medium sized engineering businesses that make many things. The industrial estates of Droitwich are home to a fascinating range of companies that make many things and contribute to many different industrial processes.

In fact one of the chief problems facing our area is a shortage of industrial and design engineer, caused by the huge success story of Jaguar Land Rover. The company just keeps on hiring.

Similar skill shortages are apparent in the south of the county where a hugely successful cyber security cluster has grown up around Malvern. I know cyber security is less tangible than a car, but it’s a vital part of any company’s work these days and Worcestershire is a leader in the technology.

Further south still, Gloucestershire and the Bristol area are full of aerospace manufacturing businesses that contribute to the UK’s position as the second largest aerospace economy in the world - after the USA.

I am determined that these companies, large and small, should flourish – and it worries me that the major threat they face is a simple shortage of the right skills.

That’s why I devoted much of my time during the month long parliamentary summer recess to taking forward my campaign to encourage young people to take up engineering careers.

Worcestershire needs more engineers to keep its very successful businesses growing. They need both engineering apprentices and graduates. And particularly we need to attract more women into engineering – their approach to problem solving is just what the country needs to make sure we keep on making things in Droitwich, in Worcestershire and across the rest of the country.


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