New Year Message

Next year will be the last full year for which I will be a Member of Parliament. I expect spend much of it doing more of what I did in 2103 - campaigning to get more young people to take up careers in engineering.

In 2013 I was also delighted and honoured to have won a place on the Commons International Development Committee. On the committee, I will do all I can to ensure taxpayers money is well spent, but I will also robustly defend the British aid budget from its critics.

Most importantly, 2013 has also been the year where our economy has turned the corner. Unemployment has fallen and continues to fall and the country’s deficit has been cut by a third. Our economy is showing good signs of recovery. Although many families are still struggling, it does seem that things are looking up. So, looking ahead to 2014 I believe we can be more optimistic that the good news about our economy will continue.

I know that many of my constituents are concerned about Romanian and Bulgarian access to the UK in January 2014. I am pleased that the Government is doing all that it can to ensure that the most pessimistic predictions do not come true and that the British tax payer is protected.

There are, of course, the European Elections in May, but I think the main political event in 2014, will be the Scottish Referendum. I hope that the Scottish people vote the right way and decide to stay in the Union. I really believe that we are better together.

I will also continue to promote two 2015 anniversaries, important for our democracy and our county- the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and the 750th anniversary of the first representative English parliament, established by Simon de Montfort, who died at the battle of Evesham.


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