Worcestershire schools are great success

There was good news for parents and pupils in Worcestershire in the education league tables for 2013. After years of the county sitting in the middle to bottom half of the national tables, Worcestershire has now moved up to 51st out of 151 for GCSE results. The percentage of pupils achieving 5 or more A*-C grades at GCSE is 62.9% in Worcestershire.
We should be very proud of our schools for achieving such excellent results. I want to pay tribute to the many head teachers, teachers and governing bodies whose hard work has made these results possible.

The increase in the county’s national position is even more impressive if you consider that Worcestershire receives very low funding for education compared to other areas of the country. I am determined that we can obtain better funding for Worcestershire schools. Worcestershire’s other MPs and I are working hard to ensure that this is achieved. If we can obtain such good results with low funding, just think what our schools could do with more money. No doubt we would fly up further through the table.

The Secretary of State for Education made a really important speech recently about how state schools should reach the same high standards as private schools. This is something we should all want to see achieved.

The state system is already greatly improving. State schools are achieving better results and more pupils are taking more academically demanding subjects. But I agree with Michael Gove that we need to push state schools even further so it is impossible to tell the difference between state and private schools.

All children deserve the best education and that should be possible whether you are taught at a state or a fee paying school.


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