Worcestershire needs a better train service

The train service between Worcestershire and London is still not good enough. Despite the redoubling of the line between Evesham and Charlbury, the journey is still long and the services irregular. This does our countyís economy real harm and I am continuing to argue for the rest of the line to be redoubled.

For a fraction of the price of the new High Speed 2 railway, the service to Worcestershire could be transformed. But, I still voted in favour of HS2 earlier this week for two reasons.

First, I have been told that the redoubling of the rest of the line from Oxford to Worcester is still a possibility for the future. Yes, I am disappointed that it isnít possible now but it is good to know that the option is still there.

Second, I really believe that our country needs HS2.

Demand for all types of rail journey has hugely increased over recent years. We simply donít have the rail capacity to meet that demand.

HS2 will also make it much quicker to travel between many of the UKís major cities. It will mean you can travel from Central Birmingham to the East Midlands in just nineteen minutes - and that will be good for the economy of the whole Midlands area.

I know there is some strong opposition to the project. But I remember how much opposition there was to the M25 around London to the M40 through Oxfordshire and to HS1, between London and Paris. Now these are all vital parts of our countryís transport network.

There hasnít been a railway built north of London for one hundred and twenty years and this is a massive project. But, it is one that I support because of the huge benefits that it will bring to the whole of the UK and so to us here in Worcestershire too.


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