The European Elections

Donít get me wrong Ė last weekís European elections were significant. The three main parties were outperformed by a Party that has no national Members of Parliament. Labour didnít do as well as expected, the Conservative Party lost seats and the Liberal Democrats now only have one MEP.

Nigel Farage says that the results have been like an earthquake through British politics. But, it is important to remember that while one quarter of the electorate voted for a party who want to leave the European Union, three quarters didnít. Also sadly, only one in three people turned out to vote.

UKIP have received a lot of attention and coverage recently. But what concerns me is that their policies havenít been given the same consideration. The implications of what they are proposing Ė leaving the European Union Ė would cost jobs in Worcestershire and across the country.

The European Union isnít perfect. It has got to become more competitive globally, as we compete against rising nations like India, China and Brazil. It has also got to cut back on bureaucracy and unnecessary costs.

But when an institution is broken or isnít working as it should, you donít just leave it, you have to fix it.

We need Europe for free trade. Businesses in Worcestershire are able to sell their products to millions of people across Europe thanks to free trade between our countries. To close ourselves off from that would mean a loss of custom for the businesses that employ many people here in the UK.

Britain needs to remain a Member of the European Union so we can influence change from within.

There is nothing we can do about our geography Ė as a country we are always going to be tied to Europe. So wouldnít it be much better to negotiate a better deal for Britain that works in our interest?


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