A great day out at the Royal Three Counties Show

Earlier this month, I was at the Royal Three Counties Show, held this year as ever in Malvern. As President of the show in 2006, I wear my Past President’s badge with great pride. I’m glad to say this year’s show was outstanding.
The sad demise of the Royal Agricultural Show in Warwickshire in 2009 has meant that the Three Counties Show has grown. Indeed, it’s now even gained Royal status. The Royal Three Counties Show is becoming an ever more important force in British agriculture.

The various disasters that have hit our farms over recent years, such as so-called “Mad Cow disease”, Foot and Mouth disease, and the recession meant there were concerns about the future of agricultural shows. But, this year proves that people continue to support and enjoy what they offer.

The Royal Three Counties Show really is going from strength to strength.

97,000 visitors attended over the three days and livestock entries were at an all-time record high. There were almost 1,000 cattle alone on site.

A successful agricultural industry remains vital. It is particularly important in Evesham – where the thriving horticultural sectors employs many local people. Yes, a lot of our food is imported these days, but we still need domestic farmers and growers to offer variety and food security.

The show provides an opportunity for people to learn about food, farming and livestock and to help them understand how the industry works. Importantly, it attracts people from more urban areas into the countryside.

No one knows better than farmers how important the weather is and this year, just as in 2006, we were lucky on all three days of the show. But, the show’s success wasn’t just down to the sunshine. It’s the displays, stalls and competitions that make it simply a great day out. I am certain that next year’s show will be another triumph.


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