Better Together

Although the Scottish border is over 250 miles away, the outcome of the referendum on Scotland’s membership of the United Kingdom will still affect us here in Worcestershire. I really want the Scottish people to vote “no” in September – for their sake and ours.
That referendum date is looming ever closer. We all need to play our part in making sure that Scotland votes to stay with us – we need to urge our Scottish friends that it is in all of our interests to stay together. Our two great countries must not sever the bonds of friendship and intimate co-operation that have served us so well for over three centuries. Separation would be a tragic mistake for Scotland and really bad news for the rest of the UK too.

A ‘yes’ vote would affect our national security, for example. Our current defence programme would have to be significantly rethought without Scotland. We would have to find new ways of protecting ourselves from threats in our reduced airspace and territorial waters and a new home for our nuclear deterrent,

Our different legal and policing systems have been accommodated within a single nation, but with Scotland legally separated, what would we do when it comes to cross-border issues?

Our economy would also be affected. Scotland sells more goods and services to other parts of the UK than to the rest of the world combined. Independence would put up a barrier between our two countries and the flow of goods, money and people. Separation would make it more difficult for our countries to do business with each other.

If Scotland does become part of the European Union – something that is by no means certain – our economic relationship would still be affected.

Despite what Alex Salmond says, I could not agree to Scotland sharing the pound as I believe it would be against the interest of my constituents.

I will argue hard against independence because I firmly believe that the UK is stronger together, more prosperous together, and more influential together. And I am very proud of our diverse island nation which has served us all, Scots, Welsh, Northern Irish and English, so well for so long. We are better together.


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