Worcestershire Skills Central

One of the most important parts of a child’s education should be preparation for the world of work. Far too often young people are leaving school without any real experience of the work place and the jobs they could do.

I have been campaigning for some time now for more to be done to get children interested in careers in engineering and science. At the moment in our country we simply don’t have enough young people with the right skills to take up jobs in these important areas. One of the main reasons for this is that children aren’t aware of the exciting career opportunities that are available.

So I am delighted that the Worcestershire is leading the way in trying to solve this problem. The Local Enterprise Partnership, along with the County Council, have launched “Worcestershire Skills Central”.

This initiative help schools and business across the county to build and develop closer working relationships. Students benefit by being given the opportunity to learn about the types of businesses locally and are offered the chance to take up high quality work experience placements. Businesses also benefit – they are effectively recruiting their future employees.

Business leaders are being encouraged to apply for positions as school governors. Their expertise and insight will be hugely valuable in helping schools provide awareness of the employment opportunities and how to prepare students for their future careers.

Careers advice at school has never really been up to scratch this so this is a tremendous initiative that will really make a difference.

I really hope that students, businesses and parents will take the opportunity to be involved – whether it is through signing up your own business or applying for, or encouraging your child to apply for, a work experience placement locally. To find out more visit: www.worcestershireskillscentral.co.uk.


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