Christmas Message 2014

In the year that we have commemorated one hundred years since the start of the First World Year, this Christmas I am wishing for a Christmas truce.
Although the Great War was said to be the war to end all wars, we know only too well that this was not the case. There are still many ongoing conflicts across the globe this year they have included confrontation between Ukraine and Russia and between Israel and Palestine, an ongoing civil war in Syria, horrific terrorist attacks in Nigeria, Kenya and Afghanistan, and shocking savagery from extremists in Iraq.

Because of these hostilities and wars, innocent people continue to be killed or left hungry and homeless, condemned to the life of a refugee. It is our duty to help those facing a bleak Christmas, whatever their religion. So I am proud of our generosity as a country in supporting people working to bring relief to those suffering in these war torn areas.

Sadly, a Christmas truce does seems a long way off but I will not give up hope that one day this will happen. Until then we should continue to do all we can, through both our international development budget and through donations to charities, to support the victims of conflicts and who will have nothing to celebrate until peace returns.

So I wish you a Merry Christmas and, I hope, a peaceful New Year.


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