Zombie Parliament?

The term ‘Zombie Parliament’ is being bandied about a lot at moment in the run up to the General Election in May. But the suggestion that nothing much is happening in Parliament couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are still two months to go until the election is called and Parliament dissolves but in that time there are many important votes and decisions to be made. Since January we have had very serious votes on anti-terrorism and pension reform. Just this week MPs have been voting on the Infrastructure Bill and new clauses about community pubs, cycling, fracking and energy security. In March the Chancellor will deliver his 2015 Budget, setting out future plans for spending over the next few years.

Although we are in a time of political uncertainty as we don’t know who will be elected on 7th May, the work certainly doesn’t stop – particularly in the constituency. In the run up to the election, MPs will inevitably be spending more and more time in their constituencies, but they are still working hard for their constituents.

Even though I am not standing at the General Election I certainly haven’t noticed a decrease in the number of letters and emails I receive. My inbox and mailbag is full with casework and constituency requests.

In Westminster, I am still pushing Transport ministers hard to improve the train service between here and the capital and ensuring we are encouraging our young people to take up careers in science and engineering. These are issues that I have been campaigning on for a long time and I am not about to ease up the pressure now.

Just because there is a General Election coming up doesn’t mean that the work of a Member of Parliament lessens. There are still campaigns to fight and constituents to help.

So don’t be taken in by this idea of a zombie parliament – Worcestershire’s MPs are as busy as ever.


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