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The truth about the EU and Post Office closures.

The Editor
Evesham Journal


08 September 2008

Dear Sir,

John White (Letters, 3rd September) keeps on getting it wrong about the EU and Post office closures. Perhaps it's because he doesn't fully understand the difference - and the legal and business distinction - between post office and mail services. Post offices are an entirely separate business within the Royal Mail Group and do very different things.

Although it would still be wrong to argue that the EU directives he loves to quote have had an impact on mail services, it would be a more complicated argument as they do actually refer to them.

On the other hand, the services provided at a post office are not covered in any way by those directives. The one and only reason we are closing post offices is that they are doing less business - things like benefit payments and car taxes.

The reason they are doing less business is that we are using them less as we turn to the internet. Of course the government has shamefully hastened the process of decline by taking away business and bullying pensioners and others into having their money paid into bank accounts.

The fight to save Bengeworth Post Office is not helped by the straightforward inaccuracies of people like Mr White. The UK government has created a large part of the problem and the UK government could solve it. It is nothing to do with Brussels whatsoever.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Luff MP

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