Brace yourselves for Post Office Closures - Worcester Standard

On Wednesday of this week we were told which Post Offices in Worcestershire have been earmarked for closure. As I am writing this just before the announcement, I can't comment on particular proposals.

Full details of the programme across Worcestershire will now be available on the internet at If you want to oppose a closure, you should write to the consultation team at: National Consultation Team, Post Office Ltd, FREEPOST CONSULTATION TEAM. No stamp is required and more details can be found on the internet.

If the government hadn't been so determined to drive business away from post offices, by forcing pensioners and benefit recipients to get money paid into their bank accounts instead of collecting them in cash from their post office, this closure round would never have been necessary.

But we are where we are and the next six weeks (for that is all the time the government has allowed for this sensitive process) are likely to prove upsetting and very disappointing for some communities. We all know just how important our post offices are to us.

It's important to realise that the government has set a national target of around 2,500 closures that it has said must be achieved. This means that any office that is "saved" as a result of a local campaign will be matched by another office being closed somewhere else in the area. It is strictly "one in, one out".

It is a profoundly unsatisfactory process and the select committee I chair, the Business and Enterprise Committee, is constantly producing reports about, trying to improve the process. But now the pain begins. We must all work together to ensure the least damage possible is done and that we end up with a sustainable post office network in this county for the future.

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