Christmas Message - Worcester News

Christmas is – for most of us – a welcome break from work, and a chance to relax and catch up with loved ones.

For many though, this Christmas will be made more difficult by the financial pressures caused by the economic downturn. The festive goodwill and celebrations will cheer us up for a few days, but the New Year seems more ominous than usual.

What really counts is action. It is up to me and fellow politicians to work hard to get the economy back on track, to make businesses prosperous again and to ensure next Christmas is not spoiled by these worries. That is my number one priority for the New Year.

But there is another thing that will be on my mind this Christmas. Each year, MPs are drawn by ballot for a Private Members’ Bill – a chance to introduce legislation for consideration on a topic of the MP’s choosing. These Bills have the real potential to become law – provided, of course, they get parliamentary support. 

This year, my name came up, so over Christmas I will be giving serious thought to what issue I should pursue, and I am open to suggestions from readers of the Worcester News.

Although the economic future looks quite bleak, we mustn’t loose sight of the fact that there is still so much to be thankful for in our wonderful county. I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas.

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