Economic Crisis has roots in Britain, not just America - Worcester Standard

The voice in the lift that takes me to my office in the House of Commons has the annoying habit of saying its going up, only to plunge downwards to the basement.
It struck me this week, as this happened for the umpteenth time, that this is like Gordon Brown - he tells us he is saving the economy but he is storing up mountains of debt for our children to pay off and bringing us close to bankruptcy.

People are worried about their jobs, their savings, their pensions and their mortgages. They want politicians to give firm leadership, taking decisions which are in the long-term interest of the economy decisions that support businesses and secure jobs. But they also want politicians to be honest about the situation we are now in.

The European Commission and the IMF have forecast that Britain will have a more severe recession than any other major economy in the world. We are seeing the pound plummet as other currencies stay strong. We are not well-prepared to face the crisis - we are facing a deeper and longer recession than other nations. But the government promises more debt the thing that got us into this mess in the first place.

Now is the time for responsible action which is why the Conservative Party has produced a series of policies to help small businesses survive. When times get tough, sensible people dont reach for the credit card and max it out without knowing how they will pay it back. Rather, they tighten the belt and live within their means, spending money carefully on the things they need to get thorough.

The economic downturn has its roots in the reckless behaviour of the British and US governments and in the actions of bankers. If the government continues to act recklessly there will be little hope of recovery.

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