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It was good to see Worcester Cathedral so full on Easter Sunday. Despite arriving in good time for the service my family had to sit towards the back near the ashes of Stanley Baldwin

Im so glad this memorial is now displayed more frequently - Baldwin was one of our most successful Prime Ministers and we dont do enough to honour his memory here in Worcestershire.

I found myself wondering what the great man would have made of our current difficulties; at a time of national and international crisis, I felt sure he would have despaired that politicians and the media would have conspired together to drag everything he valued down so low.

In a speech in Worcester in 1923, Baldwin said, I never planned out or schemed my life. I have but one idea, which was an idea that I inherited, and it was the idea of service service to the people of this country. I fear if any MP said the same thing about their motives today, he or she would be laughed at.

The latest scandal the outrageous e-mails from Downing Street seeking to spread entirely invented rumours about members of my Party and their families - comes after a string of damaging stories, including the embarrassing disclosures about MPs allowances. What really depresses me is that I know people are concluding that we politicians are all enmeshed in lies and deception, doing whatever it takes to climb to the top and stay there. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many of my fellow MPs from other parties I do not agree with. I sincerely believe that the country urgently needs a change of government. But the overwhelming majority of MPs of all parties are still hard working, decent people, who do what they can to serve the people who elected them and try to make the country and the world a better place.

Its seventeen years since I was elected to Parliament for the first time. MPs were not held in high esteem then, but it is new for us all to be routinely derided as corrupt, lazy and incompetent. We must show that we share the belief of Baldwin that we are here to serve the people of this country and we must not be deterred from that service by the disproportionate publicity given to the failings of a few.

If our democratic society is to get through the very serious challenges it faces, the last thing we need is demoralised MPs.

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