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Fair Fuel UK have run a number of campaigns in the last year or so and I know how tight family budgets are at the moment. The price of fuel does hit families hard and that is why the Government has taken decisive action on fuel prices.

In December last year, the Chancellor scrapped the 3 pence fuel duty increase that the last Government planned to come into force this January. This will ensure fuel remains 10 pence per litre cheaper than under the previous Labour Government’s plans, and from this April, fuel will be 13p per litre cheaper.

Of course, we would like to reduce duty even further, but these difficult decisions are unavoidable if we are to reduce our deficit and put the country on a sustainable footing for future generations. If there is any room for manoeuvre on fuel duty I know this will be considered before the budget.

I am also looking at the independent work done for Fair Fuel UK that claims reducing fuel duty would increase economic activity. If the Treasury were to accept this argument it would greatly increase the chances of more good news However, the action that has already been taken means fuel duty will have been frozen for nearly two-and-a-half years by September this year.

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