Arms Trade Treaty
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I believe that a robust and effective Arms Trade Treaty can help make the world a safer place and that it is vital the world continues to make progress towards this in the run up to the Conference in March.

As you will be aware the British Government has maintained a global leading position on this issue since 2006 and its determination to deliver this groundbreaking treaty remains as firm as ever. The Foreign Secretary has been clear that: We want to conclude a strong, robust, effective and legally binding Arms Trade Treaty in order to make the world a safer place and reduce the number of innocent victims of armed violence.

The Government is continuing to work closely with other states, as well as with non-governmental organisations and industry, to prepare the ground for agreement in March on a strong and effective treaty.

I can assure you that Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt, is fully aware of the calls to ensure the Treaty is not watered down. The Minister has stated the UK is working intensively to build international agreement for a robust, effective, legally-binding treaty that will save lives, reduce human suffering and bring consistency to the global trade in conventional arms. It does however remain a difficult process, with some resistance to overcome, which is why the UK is leading in such a determined manner.

I welcome this stance and the UKs leadership in this area. I know that the Prime Minister and the rest of the Government will be pursuing a strong conclusion to the ATT negotiations. Their efforts can count on my full support.

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