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I recognise this is a very tough time for many families across the country and the Government is doing all it can to help people in this difficult economic climate. The Prime Minister made a personal commitment to help get energy bills down and the regulator has recently announced that it is taking forward a package of measures to help reduce bills and make the energy market fairer, clearer and simpler.

Energy company profits are a matter for them to justify to their customers and shareholders but it is important to remember that profits are not automatically bad. It’s what you do with them and why you earned them that can make all the difference. British companies pay tax on their profits – and that helps all of us. And profit is crucial for a company to succeed and survive. That’s because most of a company’s profits are usually reinvested in the business. In the case of gas and electricity, we desperately need that reinvestment to make sure we have dependable sources of energy into the future. The rest is distributed to shareholders, most of which are not rich individuals but pension funds providing pensions for millions of people.
What is clear though is that consumers are really feeling the pinch due to rising energy bills, and Government is straining every sinew to ensure consumers get a good deal from the market. The Government’s Energy Bill will be used to ensure this happens. The reforms will make energy suppliers put customers on the lowest tariffs unless they choose otherwise.

This is real help for people worried about their energy bills and it is part of a wide range of measures the Government has introduced to address this issue. In addition, the Coalition’s new Green Deal will revolutionise energy efficiency in the UK by offering households upfront finance to make energy efficiency improvements, paid for by energy bill savings. This scheme will provide extra financial help for the most vulnerable through an Energy Company Obligation (ECO), worth £1.3 billion, which will assist around 230,000 low income households a year.

Alongside this, the Government’s Warm Home Discount Scheme will provide over 2 million households, including over 600,000 vulnerable pensioners, with a £130 discount on their electricity bills. In addition, Ministers are maintaining the spending on Winter Fuel Payments, spending £2.1 billion this winter. Cold weather payments have been permanently increased from £8.50 to £25, helping the most vulnerable when extremely cold weather strikes.

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