Teachers' Pay and Pensions
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The Government reforms to teachersí pay and pensions will ensure that teaching is a more attractive career and a more rewarding job. The reforms to the pay structure will also give schools greater flexibility to respond to specific conditions and reward their best teachers.

I can also reassure you that no one will be forced to work until their normal pension age. Members will still be able to take their pension at any age from 55 to 75, although their annual pension income will vary depending on when they choose to retire. The reform of public service pensions is not retrospective and all of the pension that members have built up under the current scheme will be based on their final salary at retirement.

The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, commissioned the School Teachersí Review Body to see how reforms could be made to help address the quality of teaching, along with raising the status of the profession and supporting the recruitment and retention of teachers in different areas of the country. They have recommended a simpler, more flexible national pay framework for teachers.

The proposed extension of performance related pay will be fairer than current arrangements. At the moment, pay rises are almost automatic, regardless of merit. Virtually all full time classroom teachers on the main pay scale automatically progress to the next pay point each year so the correlation between a teacherís pay and their performance is poor. I do not believe it is fair that a highly effective but relatively new entrant, for example, should be paid substantially less than their long-serving but less effective peer.

Giving schools freedom to pay the best teachers more and greater flexibilities to help them to recruit and retain the teachers they need makes sense for pupils too. Evidence shows that high-performing teachers can generate a significant impact on a studentís learning each year compared to more poorly performing teachers. Schools in the most challenging circumstances that often struggle to retain good teachers will be able to deploy their pupil premium, worth £900 per pupil per year from April 2013 to attract and keep the best staff.

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