Live animal exports and the 1847 Ports and Harbours Act
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The Government's position on this is very clear: animals should be slaughtered locally wherever possible. However, under European Union free trade rules it is illegal to ban the export of animals to other EU countries. As a result it would not be possible to alter the existing legal framework with a Private Members Bill. It is therefore imperative that the highest standards of animal welfare are followed by any business dealing with animals, and that these same standards are enforced across the EU.

The EU's Council Regulation 1/2005 and the UK's Animal Welfare Act 2006 both protect the welfare of animals during transport. The European Commission recently studied the effectiveness of this legislation, and found that although the regulation has had a beneficial impact on the welfare of animals during transport, there could be room for improvement. It was suggested that this change should come from more effective enforcement of existing legislation rather than amendments to what already exists.

The Government has taken this on board, and will continue to pursue a more sustainable approach to the transport of livestock on long journeys.

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