Transparency of Lobbying, Non–Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill
Email Campaign

A very large number of identical emails, generated by 38 degrees, have just started arriving in my email inbox (Friday afternoon, 30th August). This is a holding response to those emails and a fuller response will be available early next week.

• Charities will still be able to support specific policies advocated by political parties if it would help achieve their charitable purposes.

• It is important to take the big money out of politics and not let unregulated spending by vested interests distort or unduly influence the outcome of our elections

• This Government is the most transparent ever and making it clearer what third party groups are spending during an election campaign will only enhance this transparency even further.

• These proposals will bring the spending regulation of third parties more in the rules that apply to political parties during an election period and this is right and sensible.

• It is right that money spent campaigning during an election period, whether by political parties or by third party groups, is published and available for the public to see

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