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The Government is determined to make the UK one of the best places for dementia care in Europe. That is why the Prime Minister personally set out a challenge on dementia last year; an ambitious programme of work designed to make a real difference to the lives of people with dementia, their families and carers.

Since then, the Government has introduced a range of measures to fulfil these aims. This includes developing a toolkit to support the NHS to achieve a significant increase in diagnosis rates from the current 42 per cent. There will also be a requirement on health care professionals to ask patients aged between 65 and 74 about their memory as part of every standard health check. Memory services are key to effective early diagnosis of dementia and I am pleased that 94 per cent of primary care trusts now have a dedicated memory service for dementia.

As well as improving memory services provision, the Department is developing a toolkit to support GPs to better understand, diagnose and support people with dementia, as well as to help their families and carers. It is increasing annual funding of dementia research to around £66 million by 2015 and is providing £50 million of funding to adapt wards and care homes for people with dementia.

It also wants to challenge the way the public thinks and acts on dementia. By 2015, one million people will become ‘Dementia Friends’ so they can use their knowledge in day to day life and through opportunities to volunteer to support people with the condition in their community, wards and care homes. The initiative will boost early diagnosis for dementia patients and help the public to understand the condition better.

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