National Deaf Children’s Society’s Stolen Futures campaign
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I agree that children with a special educational need (SEN) deserve much more. These children and their families are not getting the support they need and this is simply not good enough. It should not be an uphill battle to get the services these children need to get a first class education, which is why I am pleased that the Government is taking positive action.

The campaign raises concerns about funding for local authorities; I am reassured that all local authorities have as much funding for SEN in 2013-14 as they had in 2012-13. It is up to local authorities to decide what SEN services to provide for children and young people, including services for deaf children, and how much to spend on them, from the funding that the Government supplies.

The Government is committed to ensuring that the needs of children with SEN are met. It has been clear with local authorities that they should prioritise vital front-line services for vulnerable children.

Closing the attainment gap between deaf children and their peers is also a significant issue which must be addressed. Improvements are being made to the training that teachers and school leaders receive to help them identify where pupils with hearing loss face barriers to learning and to offer appropriate support. The National Scholarship Fund provides funding of up to £3,500 for teachers’ postgraduate qualifications and training, including specialist training for teachers of the deaf. Funding of £2,000 is also available to support teaching assistants and support staff to improve their skills in SEN.

I am pleased that the Government is taking such definitive action and that it will continue to take action to ensure that deaf children are given the best possible start in life.

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