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I welcomed the recent Backbench Business Committee Debate on dementia which focused on the forthcoming G8 Dementia Summit.

The Prime Ministerís Challenge on Dementia marked an unprecedented step towards making the UK a world leader for dementia friendly society, care and research. The G8 Summit is an excellent opportunity for Britain to share the expertise gained from this national programme of action, and for all involved to harness the knowledge and innovation available to take global action against dementia.

Dementia is a major priority for the Government and it has introduced a range of measures to meet the aims of the Prime Ministerís Challenge. This has included: doubling investment in dementia research to around £66 million by 2015; supporting the NHS to achieve a significant increase in diagnosis rates from the current 42 per cent; providing £50 million of funding to adapt wards and care homes for people with dementia; and funding the Dementia Friends scheme which is aimed at boosting early diagnosis for dementia patients and help the public to understand the condition better.

To ensure that dementia patients are receiving the care they need the Government has announced a named clinician for all vulnerable older people. This clinician will monitor elderly people outside of hospital, which will help to prevent their health deteriorating to the point where they need emergency care. The Governmentís announcement of a £3.8 billion fund to help health and social care work services work better together also shifts the focus onto prevention and will help to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions by dementia patients.

More recently the Government has announced that it is launching a new Ďstate of the nationí report on dementia. This report and map will help drive up standards of dementia care across the country by showing what excellent care looks like, and challenging the others to make improvements. Full transparency is the best way to drive up standards and tackle poor performance.

I am confident that the G8 Summit will elevate the most pressing issues faced by dementia sufferers and their families to the global stage, and facilitate a collaborative approach towards tackling dementia.

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