The Dog Meat Trade in south East Asia, and Early Day Motion 159
Email Campaign

I share your concerns about this issue. Like you, I view the trade and consumption of dog meat as quite abhorrent, particularly where it involves cruelty to animals. I can assure you that the UK Government continues to raises concerns with counties that engage in these practices.

I don’t in general sign EDMs as I do not believe they are the best way of making a political point, but I wouldn’t be keen to sign EDM 159 anyway as while these countries are aware the UK Government’s view, there are unfortunately no international norms, laws or agreements governing the matter. The UK therefore has no legal grounds to intervene or take trade measures against countries where eating dog meat is regarded as culturally acceptable.

I do, however, welcome the work that non-governmental organisations such as Animal Asia Foundation, International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals undertake in Asian countries to protect dogs’ welfare.

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