Puppy trafficking
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From 29 December a new EU pet travel regulation will come into effect that introduces new measures to strengthen enforcement. Pets being prepared for travel will be issued with a new-style passport that will be harder to forge, there will be new rules when more than five animals are moved together and all EU countries will be required to carry out compliance checks when pets are moved between them.

In addition, a minimum age for rabies vaccination of 12 weeks will be applied across the EU, which will assist compliance checking and restrict the movement of very young animals.

It is also important to recognise that we cannot expect the Government to defeat this problem by itself. As individuals, we need to take care not to fuel demand for these poor creatures by providing a market for the unscrupulous people who exploit them. Government advice is very clear: people who buy a pet are responsible for knowing where it comes from and, if it is found to have been imported illegally, will be held responsible for any necessary quarantine and veterinary fees.

Provided we all play our part I am confident that the problem of puppy smuggling can be tackled effectively.

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