Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
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We need jobs, growth, investment and more trade to boost our economy and the TTIP could bring economic benefits of up to 10 billion annually to the UK which is the equivalent of almost 400 per household.

This agreement does not carry the risks that some people have put forward and the scaremongering tactics that are being used by certain campaign groups are unhelpful and frankly shameful.

The Investor State Dispute Settlement provisions do not threaten our sovereignty and will not prevent parliament from passing laws or lead to laws being repealed. I am assured the Government is looking carefully at all the substance of these provisions and will ensure the right of the state to legislate in the public interest is fully preserved. It is also the case these measures are not new and already exist in over 90 bilateral investment treaties.

I agree with you about the need for robust food standards and can assure you that TTIP has no mandate to lower our food standards. Food producers from both the EU and US will have conform to the importing side's food safety standards.

It is important to ensure that what is put into this agreement represents a good deal for the UK. I know there is strong public interest and am glad it is being negotiated as openly as possible and unprecedented steps have been taken to publish negotiating texts. TTIP will be further scrutinised by both Houses and I am glad Parliament has had the opportunity to debate this on a number of occasions and will have the final veto power.

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