Religious Slaughter
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I understand the depth of your feeling on this issue but there are long-standing provisions in UK law that, subject to specific requirements, permit the slaughter of animals without prior stunning to meet Jewish and Islamic religious requirements.

Although the Government would prefer all animals to be stunned before slaughter, it recognises the requirements of Jewish and Muslim communities and accepts the importance they attach to slaughter in accordance with their beliefs.

Religious slaughter must, however, only be carried out by licensed slaughtermen in approved or regulated slaughterhouses. Slaughter is not permitted in any other place, even for personal consumption.

Consumers should have the information they need to make an informed choice about what they eat. Most halal and kosher meat is already labelled voluntarily, but any mandatory labelling system would need to cover more than just the UK so the European Commission is studying the matter. I have been assured that the Government intends to look at possible options after the results of this study become available.

I will not be attending the Westminster Hall debate on Monday as I support religious freedoms and think that it is premature to debate this issue before the European Commission has reported back on more effective ways of labelling.

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