Local Campaigns
Around Mid Worcestershire

Of course, the work I do for individual constituents must always remain private. However, I do campaign on issues for groups of constituents. Here is a sample of the activity I am currently undertaking on behalf of large groups of constituents.

Hartlebury Incinerator

The campaign against building an incinerator in Hartlebury has been a particularly long one. So, disappointment was shared by everyone when it was announced in July 2012 that the Secretary of State had accepted the Inspectors recommendations to give planning permission to the plant. You can read the Secretary of State’s full report here: http://www.communities.gov.uk/documents/planning-callins/pdf/2186381.pdf

Local residents formed a campaign group and fought hard for this cause and their website can be accessed here: http://wail.uk.net/

Chancel Repair

I have declared this campaign a success. After a Westminster Hall debate and a meeting with Church of England Representatives, I think that the impact of Chancel Repair Liability has been reduced as much as is practically possible.

I am delighted at such a positive response and I was particularly encouraged by the identification of a mechanism for releasing individual property owners from Chancel Repair Liability permanently.

You can read more about Chancel Repair Liability on the news section of my website.  


I am continuing to push for improved services from Worcestershire to London. I also strongly support the case for a Worcestershire Parkway Station where the train lines between London and Worcester and Birmingham and Bristol cross, but at present do not effectively connect.

Stoulton Stench

Resident’s lives in the small village of Stoulton have been made miserable due to the foul odours created by a nearby farm. Wadborough Park Farm is being intensely monitored by the local authorities and we are al working hard to try and solve this difficult problem.

You can find out more about each of these constituency campaigns by using the search bar on the left hand side of my website.