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The huge wind turbines proposed for the site between Bishampton and the Lenches would be “just too close to people’s homes” says the local MP Peter Luff.

Mr Luff was speaking after visiting the public exhibition organised by Scottish Power Renewables at Norton and Lenchwick parish hall last night (Monday).

Peter explained,

“I believe there should be an absolute bar on building large commercial wind turbines closer than a kilometre to people’s homes. The visuals I saw last night at the exhibition, showing the appearance of the wind farm at closer range than that, confirmed my view.

“Some of the five turbines now proposed for the site would be only a little over 600 metres from houses and that won’t do. These are effectively 40-storey high structures in open countryside – they must be a reasonable distance from homes.

“I support the development of some onshore wind generating capacity in England – but these enormous turbines would be among the largest ever constructed at onshore sire in the UK. Indeed, I believe they were originally developed for offshore use and that is where they belong.

“The formal planning application is not yet submitted – it is due in November. I will be waiting for the formal position of all the local parish councils on that application before reaching a final conclusion myself. In view of the specific location I will be particularly concerned to listen to the views of Bishampton and Church Lench parish councils.

“However, I am increasingly unconvinced that the relatively small amount of electricity that would be generated by this scheme is worth the damage it would do.”


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