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The MP for Droitwich Spa, Peter Luff, today praised local campaigners for their constructive approach to the re-opening of brine baths in the town. He said the whole town “was pulling together to achieve the same objective.”

Peter was commenting after a meeting with SOBBS (Save Our Brine Baths) in the One-stop-shop today, Friday. He said,

“It was hugely encouraging meeting. It is clear to me that we are all pulling in exactly the same direction – the Wychavon Task Force, SOBBS and everyone else involved.

“At the meeting, we agreed that only a private sector solution can really provide the funding and management to sustain the brine baths in the future, and we agreed that, although the present site is a very good one, alternative sites near the town centre would also be very acceptable.

“We also agreed that the re-opening of the brine baths would be good for the local people who would use them and, just as importantly, good for tourism to the town.

“We also agreed the BMI, who recently decided to withdraw from operating the baths, have not exploited the huge potential of this unique experience. After all, natural brine of this strength is only available in Droitwich and the Dead Sea!

“I promised to undertake a whole range of actions for the campaigners, ranging from thinking about what we can do to highlight to potential national investors the opportunity that exists, through contacting local and national sports organisations (Worcester Warriors, County Cricket Club and Lord Seb Coe on the implications for the 2012 Olympics) about the use of the baths for sports related injuries, to writing to the regional development agency and local charities about funding and potential uses.

“I also promised to give serious consideration to seeking a debate on the issue in the Commons after being told of similar debates as long ago as 1939!

“The more noise we make as a town, the more chance of someone noticing and so helping fulfil the potential of this unique opportunity – an opportunity that has been sadly wasted in recent years.”


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