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Peter Luff has won a guarantee from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that face-to-face tax advice will be offered in Evesham despite the closure of the main tax office in the town.
Peter had sought guarantees from HMRC that this service would still be provided in Evesham. In a letter to him, Libby Martin, a senior official of HMRC, says,

“I can confirm that HMRC will continue to provide face to face advice at or near current Enquiry Centre locations and this will be the case in Evesham. We will also continue to provide this level of help to customers who need extra support to obtain their entitlements and pay the right amount of tax at the right time.”

Commenting, Peter said,

“This is little more than the silver lining on a very big cloud. The loss of Evesham’s tax office was damaging and wrong. But at least local people who find their tax affairs difficult to understand or who need special advice will still be able to talk to a human being in person rather than having to rely on call centres and on-line services.

“We don’t yet know where this new service will be provided or how long it will be open, but at least we have some comfort that a service will be provided, and I welcome that. Now we must all make sure it’s provided at a satisfactory level.”


Note to editors:

Libby Martin’s full title is “Head of Face to Face National Change and Demand”

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